I am Michelle Bell, 30 years old, living in sunny Cali. I am supposed to be a professional medical practitioner but ever since my hectic stint as a nurse in a private hospital nurse, I decided to opt out of the medical life and begin anew. So I planned to jump into the Education bandwagon.

Living the student life along with a part-time gig as an online writer seemed to be ideal for me, until I actually lived it. The next thing I know, I was juggling at least five things every day and was biting off more than I can possibly chew.

It did not help that I have to travel at least one hour from the house to the school and that I am perpetually late in almost all of my classes. There was one day when the English professor gave me a stern staring down when she saw me entering the classroom, one hand with five books and the other balancing a book and hot coffee. She made me write a long essay on the virtues of being on time as homework. That was worth 7,500 words and it was to be handed over within two days. What a day that was. I am reminded of the kids who wrote “I will not be late for class” one hundred times on the blackboard as a humiliating punishment, only this was more…difficult.

As you may already know, I am single. I am not simply opting out of the dating scene. There are just too many things to do and not much time to dwell on heartache and the sad past. Besides, there are just simply too few good men out there, and less few Chinese guys that my mother would love to partner me with.

So what’s with this blog anyway? I am simply writing this to air out my grievances. Pardon if I can get carried away. Sometimes. Often. *sigh*