The Numbing, Dull, Throbbing

I got up this morning with this familiar feeling around the temples. After one full week of getting up early, going to class and studying, I finally got used to the paperwork and the exercise, and this is what I get: a headache in the works. The usual routine dragged, even with an acetaminophen tablet […]

Why I Took this Course

I discovered a love for learning in an early age, but the teaching I have grown to love only later in life. People ask me why I want to pursue teaching when being nurse pays well. Well, it’s good to get paid enough but I want to do more, and to love more with what […]

Something Good

I am a believer that all things work for good, which is why I wrote this blog post as part two of the experience I had on the first day of class. First, I met one of my oldest friends in college who happens to be the Dean of the College of Nursing in the […]

Something Blue

I was super excited this morning. I got my cute new backpack over one shoulder, with new black flat shoes with super comfy feet cushions. My outfit was perfect, too: some striped casual tee and a pair of blue stretchable jeans. I was praying the day to be perfect, with little cloudy skies and no […]