Something Blue

I was super excited this morning. I got my cute new backpack over one shoulder, with new black flat shoes with super comfy feet cushions. My outfit was perfect, too: some striped casual tee and a pair of blue stretchable jeans. I was praying the day to be perfect, with little cloudy skies and no rain. That’s what I got, and everything for the first day of school!

Not to be sounding like a high school girl or anything but this was my first time to back to school after five years. That and taking up a course that is a bit off base from my original Nursing degree was making me feel giddy.

I didn’t mind the one-hour commute from home to school. I was too excited to notice. When I arrived on the school, that’s when I noticed something wrong.

First, there was this huge school clock that I remembered seeing from five years back. It read 9 in the morning. 9 in the morning already! That meant I was already late for class! Adrenaline kicked in and I was running at full speed to first class. A good thing it was the first day in school, though, because when I came in, there were no teachers around. A few students were milling about, chatting by themselves. I approached them and talked with a few of them. Surprise, surprise! I went into the wrong classroom. I had to run again.

Second, the actual class I had to be in had a very old, very strict lady professor. She gave me this long, hard look, not unlike the Infectious Head Physician who once made rounds in the special unit I was in, looking for the slightest hint of dust, dirt or smudge. I was so engrossed with looking at her that I didn’t notice at least thirty pairs of eyes who turned to look at this tardy newcomer.

I begged to be excused and she gave me an even harder look (as if that was possible…if looks could kill!) As it turns out she is my new English teacher for this Professional Education course I was taking. I had to sit in front of the class, directly in front of her desk because there was no other chair available. Yikes. First day and I think I made a teacher mad.

Third, I fell asleep during her class, and that just made her angrier.

Fourth, well…I was given a myriad of homework to do by the same teacher. I am actually having second thoughts about proceeding with this class. To think that English was a favorite subject in my earlier college days!

By the end of the day, I was exhausted from sitting all day long. I know this is me complaining and without good reason, but I can’t help it. I have been used to working long hours changing patients’ poop and pee whenever the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurses) could not make it. This is another level of hard. I understand now why some people grew their own pressure sores sitting on their butts. The seats can be very, very hard indeed.