Why I Took this Course

I discovered a love for learning in an early age, but the teaching I have grown to love only later in life. People ask me why I want to pursue teaching when being nurse pays well. Well, it’s good to get paid enough but I want to do more, and to love more with what I can do. I do not know if this is a passion or a calling yet, though, but ever since I shared this burden with my mother, she’s been supportive of me. I took that as a confirmation and received her blessing in return. So, yeses for me, nurse and soon-to-be teacher!

I love children. My desire to teach them became apparent when I volunteered to be a Sunday school teacher in my church. I love preparing for the lesson, the endless artwork and the dance practices of some of the Sunday school songs. I especially like the way how children sometimes teach me things I could not have learned just by being in the background. I am no dreamer, though. I know how kids can be messy sometimes, how demanding and absolutely heartless. They want your attention, your stories and your heart. I think some did steal my heart away.

I want to teach my future children through homeschooling. One way of doing that is by making it official through studying for an Education course. I have seen the way the school system is handling the present generation of children and then the way some parents opted to homeschool their children. I have seen the pros and cons, so I think I would rather do the latter. Instill in them values that I live by and love. Give my future children a chance to meet the God, the creator of heaven and earth, and make it last. That is, if I would have children of my own. Then again, I can always have the option of embracing the singlehood, teaching to a group of potential leaders. Either way, I will be honored to be called a teacher. Someday.

Somehow, I can relate this course with my current one. Teaching in the medical profession sometimes deals with people of different disabilities and capabilities. I rather hoped I may be able to help by knowing some basic sign language skills and some techniques on how to be a more effective communicator.

To be honest, at some point in my life, I just wanted to know about the other skills I have and what I can do to develop them. It helps when it doesn’t involve inserting an IV or how to change a diaper. Sometimes I really do need a breather from being medically inclined.

And the last reason why I took this course? It may just be the start of doing something challenging for myself. See what God has in store for me.